Avantika Epi 4


Some friends goes for a picnic with some friends where all are couples. Everyone is at the dinning table but not Avantika. they hear some noises and the caretaker scared them by telling different stories. In the meantime, a friend says that these are rumours do and they should not pay heed to them. One of the friends goes up to her and sees that she has been attacked by a spirit and is behaving weirdly. Everyone gets scared and was shouting. Then she gains her consciousness and does not remember anything. Slowly the friends started vanishing and only three friends are left. The caretaker says that the wife of the owner of the bungalow was burnt alive and buried here the next day after marriage. They all get scared ,the caretaker said if the burnt the dead body with the mangal sutra they can be relieved. They did so and left.

Max| Sneha| Shaheb| Dibyendu| Ranit| Sanjib| Suparna| Sushmita
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