We are glad to announce that, has launched partnership programs.

Gupchup is growing day by day as the OTT Platform, this has the potential to be a good business.

* Not for investment for normal person, this is just for business oriented individuals and people who have knowledge in OTT platform

This partnership program includes the following:

Join as a Channel Partner:

Co-partnership and co-branding are what we meant by this term. Anyone interested in co-partnership and co-branding kindly reach to us by selecting this category.

Investment in Content:

This category refers to the individual who wants to invest in content episode or project-wise.

Content Sharing:

This includes any individual or business who wants to share their existing content which has already been there on their OTT Platform. We, in turn, will share our content with their OTT Platform.

Join as a Parallel Partner:

In this category by the role “Parallel Partner” considered to be the person or business who will get 50% of the total earning of the website while investing 50%.

Co-Ownership / Ownership:

If any business or individual or organisation wants to purchase a certain portion of the website or the whole website.