The Revenge Epi 1


The couple is romancing in the dining table. The husband leaves for office. The husband meets a friend and goes to his house. Both of them drink and a girl comes. The husband then romances with that girl. Then his friend leaves saying he has some work. The husband continues to romance. The husband is romancing with the girl and in between the girl calls out his friend's name. He gets angry and leaves the room. the wife is getting ready. her husband who had walked out bids good bye to the girl and leaves. His friend went to his home to have sex with his wife. After that when his friend was leaving the husband saw him. His friend said he is in office when he called. Then husband asks his wife if she knows his friend and the wife denies. The friend goes to that girl and they have sex and the husband leaves home. The husband's friend is seen romancing with that girl. It is seen that they are husband and wife and the doorbell rings and Angad is standing and he catches them red handed. He reveals that all of this was done to take revenge after which Angad leaves the house. His friend tells his wife that her husband has come to know everything. The wife then jumps in front of the train and hearing this her husband reaches there and he becomes a drunkard.

Monali | Sneha | Rajkumar | Sattwaki
     Mr. A. K
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